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As a treatment it is suitable for use on spider veins or thread veins on the body or legs providing that they are beneath the heart.


It is important that a consultation is completed at our clinic before a course of treatment is undertaken to establish whether their are any underlying causes of thread veins that needs to be addressed.

Failure to address the underlying cause can produce unsuccessful outcomes and at Medicosmetic we always try to deliver the best results for our patients.

What happens during treatment?

A full medical consultation is carried out.

The thread veins are injected with a sclerosant using a small needle. The solution destroys the veins.

Compression is applied to the veins.


Following treatment the legs are bandaged for 24 hours.

All treatments are carried out by Duncan Parry Consultant Vascular Surgeon.

Sclerotherapy is used in the treatment of thread veins or spider veins in the legs. This procedure involves the injection of liquid into the veins which destroys and makes them disappear over time.

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