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Skin Needling

Medical Skin Needling

Healthy, regenerated, smooth glowing skin...


First we apply the specific product needed on the entire face, according to the patient's skin type and condition we are treating. Then we use needling device with with slow movements throughout the facial surface simulating a massage.


The microneedles, with 6 depths to choose from, open microchannels, through which the active product that we have placed on the skin can easily pass, thus achieving a much greater effect than if we applied it topically.


Finally, the skin reacts by regenerating the microchannels that we have opened through the creation of collagen and elastin, recovering completely from the small "lesions" created.


This action stimulates fibroblasts so that they create new collagen and elastin.


This way, our skin after this process will regenerating their own cells and components. It is as if we make our skin to exercise to renew and improve.


The result will be a healthier and more beautiful skin... totally regenerated.

We treat:


Acne scarring


Sun damaged skin

Stretch Marks 

Skin will appear red following treatment. Usually takes 24 - 48 hours to settle.

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