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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Is your skin lacking in hydration and elasticity?

Do you suffer from wrinkles, sagging skin or premature ageing?

If you’re looking for a non-surgical anti-ageing treatment that’s safe, effective and long-lasting then PROFHILO could be for you.

PROFHILO is indicated for TISSUE REMODELING AND IMPROVEMENT IN SKIN LAXITY of face, neck & décolletage.

PROFHILO promotes the restoration of firmness, tone and elasticity of tissues in an authentic way, leading to a DYNAMIC MULTILEVEL REMODELLING of the extracellular matrix in terms of elasticity and support.

Unlike other anti-ageing injectables that use fillers to add volume and stretch out the skin, Profhilo uses hyaluronic acid a naturally occurring substance in the body to hydrate, firm and actually rebuild new, younger-looking skin cells.

Get the glow …

Contact the clinic for your free consultation.

01484 937334

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