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Nucleofill Eyes


The new bio-restructuring gel of the Nucleofill range based on low - molecular weight, highly purified, naturally derived polynucleotides, specifically created to improve the ageing of the eye area.



The eye area is an extremely delicate area. Continuously subjected to environmental pollution and constantly subjected to movement when using facial expressions, the eye area tends to age quicker compared to the rest of the face.


Nucleofill Eyes with highly purified Polynucleotide matrix is able to activate the processes of bio-regeneration in the skin both at a deep level (adipose and bone tissue) and in the dermis (fibroblast stimulation).



Nucleofill Eyes is specifically designed to improve:

 Puffiness / Bags under eyes

Eye wrinkles

 Regenerate the skin in the eye area

 Bio-restructuration of deep tissues

Improvement of superficial wrinkles without the use of fillers

An alternative when tear trough filler is not indicated

 Pre and post-surgical treatment (such as Blepharoplasty, surgical eye lift, laser).


It’s recommended to have 2 treatments with 2-4 weeks in between each session, in severe cases

you can have up to 4 treatments with 2-4 weeks



Side effects:

Bruising may occur

Some swelling in the injection area 1-2 days

No other side effects have been reported.

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